Inception Movie Review – A Great Sci-Fi Movie To Watch


UK Today News:  Inception Movie Review – A Great Sci-Fi Movie To Watch

The new movie which had been released on the 16th of July, Inception, is movie that any viewer would want to watch twice. It stars Leonardo Di Capriao, who himself is an exceptional actor, and seems perfect to star this movie.


Inception requires that the viewer uses heart and brain to watch the movie, only then one would be able to understand and enjoy the film.

The movie ‘Inception’, revolves around a person known the ‘extractor’ played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been specialized to steal ideas from people when they are in a subconcious state. It is a new type of genre that the viewer would be watching, and Christopher Nolan has showed us a very new concept in the sci-fi movies.

The movie lets the viewers watch the movie contantly rapt attention, as they are overwhelmed with the effects, sound and the storyline. It is an overall powerpacked movie, that viewers would not regret watching it.