French Mother – Dominique Cottrez Killed Eight Of Her New Born Babies

UK Today News: French Mother – Dominique Cottrez Killed Eight Of  Her New Born Babies

In a horrific incident that has been unveiled today, a French Mother has been charged for killing eight of her new born babies over the past few years.

Dominique Cottrez, 45, had killed eight of her new born babies systematically from the past 22 years. She was hiding the bodies of these children in thin black bin liners.

Dominique Cottrez
Dominique Cottrez

Her husband has been set free, but is still under investigation, but Dominique has been charged with multiple murder and an unbailable warrant has been lodged against her. The couple have two grown up daughters of their own.

As investigations are going on and skeletons are being dug out, the doctors have stated that Dominique was suffering from a psychological sickness called ‘Pregnancy Denial’, which means a person convinces oneself that there was no existence of a child, before killing it. Dominique would be facing life imprisonment, depending on the charges.

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