Miss Universe 2010 Hot Top Favorites And Possible Winners Of The Crown – PHOTOS


UK Today News: Miss Universe 2010 Hot Top Favorites And Possible Winners Of The Crown – PHOTOS

Miss Universe 2010 Special – Who will be the Next Miss Universe 2010 Winner?

The 2010 Miss Universe pageant is just a few hours away and it is only a matter of time before a beautiful lady from one of the 83 participating countries, is crowned the 2010 Miss Universe winner from outgoing Miss Universe 2009  winner Stefania Fernandez, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas on Monday, 23rd August.

Miss Universe-2009
Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez

With the world getting a glimpse of these beauties in their national costumes, evening gowns and swimsuits, there is no denying the fact that there seem to be a few contestants who are being considered as really strong contenders, and favorites at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

So who are the hot favorites at this years Miss Universe pageant? Based on the popularity of the contestant as well as their “beauty & brains”, these are the contestants who are likely to fall in the “winner” category.

1. Miss Venezuela 2010 Marelisa Gibson

The stunning 21 year old beauty is looking at making this a hat-trick for Venezuela after her Venezuelan predecessor Stefania Fernandez won the 2009 Miss Universe pageant. With the determination and hopes set on her, Marelisa is giving her all to win the coveted Miss Universe 2010 crown.

2. Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010 Mariana Morales

Miss Puerto Rico
The 21 year old beauty is a model who is armed with experience to take her through to te finals of the Miss Universe 2010 pageant. She has been in the world of modeling for many years, and even won the “La Cara de Imagen L’Oreal” title back in 2005. Her next goal? The Miss Universe 2010 title!

3. Miss Mexico Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete

Miss Mexico Universe 2010
The beautiful 22 year-old Jimena is known to have come a long way ever since she won the national pageant. Her professionalism, coupled with her charm and beauty is going to take her to the top 5, and it is no wonder that she is one of the top favorites at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

4. Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih

rima fakih Miss USA
Rima has definitely come a long way after winning the Miss Michigan USA 2010 title in her hometown. The 24 year old beauty has already created history in the US by becoming the first Arab-American and Muslim to win the Miss USA title. After having come so far, Rima will settle for nothing less than the Miss Universe crown.

5. Miss Philippines Universe 2010 Venus Raj

Maria Venus Raj
22 year- old Maria Venus Raj won the prized Miss Philippines Universe 2010 crown, only to to be dethroned due to controversies surrounding her birth certificate. However, Venus didn’t give up hope, and after fighting for her crown, she was finally reinstated it a few weeks later. Despite hardships, she has turned out strong and this makes her a favorite at the Miss Universe pageant this year.

6. Miss Haiti 2010 Sarodj Bertin

Miss Haiti 2010
24 year old Sarodj is happy to make it to the Miss Universe 2010 pageant this year. Despite the devastating earthquake that killed thousands in Haiti earlier this year, Haiti has still managed to participate in the contest and Sarodj has become a winner already in the eyes of the Haitians.

7. Miss Russia Universe 2010 Irina Antonenko

Russia 2010
The 18 year old Russian is one of the youngest contestants at the pageant. Her good lucks and confidence are sure to take her a long way at the Miss Universe pageant.

8. Miss Colombia Universe 2010 Natalia Navarro

22 year old Natalia is not only drop dead gorgeous, she also happens to be a student of finance. She has a perfect mix of beauty and brains to make her win Miss Universe 2010.

9. Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 Yendi Phillipps

Miss Jamaica 2010 Yendi
The gorgeous 24 year old Yendi is not new to beauty pageants. After winning the Miss Jamaica World 2007 title, and making it to the top 16, she worked hard and came back to win the Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 title. She attributes her passion and confidence to her late mother, who always encouraged her to do her best.

10. Miss Ireland Universe 2010 Rozanna Purcell

Rozanna is undoubtedly one of the prettiest contestants at this year’s pageant. Not only that, she is dead serious on battling it out with the others and winning the crown. Way to go!

11. Miss Switzerland Universe 2010 Linda Fäh

Miss Switzerland
The 22 year old blond beauty, embodies femininity and grace, and has one goal right now – to take home the crown.

12. Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2010 Eva Arias

Gorgeous Eva is another contestant who never took No as an answer. After losing the national pageant, she came back and participated in it, to become the 2010 winner. The determination is present in her as she competes for the crown.

13. Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2010 La Toya Woods

La Toya Woods
The 24 year old student of Psychology is representing her country a year after they did not participate, and La Toya doesn’t want to waste any time in proving that her country can become the next Miss Universe 2010 winner.

14. Miss France Universe 2010 Malika Ménard

Miss France
Beautiful Malika hopes to get the crown back to France this year.`Her beauty and easy going yet polite attitude could as well make her win the crown.

15. Miss Brazil Universe 2010 Débora Moura Lyra

Stunning Lyra has been modeling ever since she was 8 year old. Having taken part in another pageant as a teenager, she learnt how to embody charm, while being graceful and elegant.

16. Miss Denmark Universe Ena Sandra Causevic


The 21 year old beauty, who is a Danish model and is a student of Communications, besides being actively involved in charities.

17. Miss Egypt Universe 2010 Donia Hamed

Miss Egypt Donia
22 year old Donia is one of the very stunning contestants from the African nation of Egypt. Her beauty, along with her intelligence will make her stand out at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

18. Miss Peru Universe 2010 Giuliana Zevallos

The 5ft. 11 Miss Peru 2010, has got the looks and experience to get the crown to Peru.

19. Miss Universe Great Britain 2010 Tara Hoyos-Martinez
Tara Martinez
The 20 year old Tara is a student of medicine and she is a British-Colombian, and also the first Latina to represent Great Britain at the Miss Universe pageant.

20. Miss India Universe 2010 Ushoshi Sengupta
Miss India 2010
Ushoshi happens to be the first winner of the new Miss India Universe 2010 pageant, which is founded by none other than India’s first ever Miss Universe winner – Sushmita Sen – who won the crown in 1994. With such a great mentor, coupled with her beauty and intelligence, she is a favorite.

So who do you think will become the 2010 Miss Universe winner?


  1. Well, I like to much miss venezuela, miss russia, miss france and miss usa, one of the could be the next miss universe 2010.

  2. @Kains: Miss USA is NOT white, Miss Philippines is NOT white, Miss Mexico, Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Brazil, Jamaica, Colombia, are NOT white… what the heck are you talking about???? and as far as white-looking, well, most are neither.

  3. It about time a Caribbean Black woman much like miss Trinidad and Tobago or Miss Jamaica be crown and the new miss world.

    Miss Trinidad and Tobago stands out the most amongst the 83 girls.This is clearly a case of Beauty,brains and body.

  4. I think missing from this list is Curacao.She’s quite charming without trying.
    Ms. France has a fresh kind of beauty but it seems like she’s holding back. Ms. Ireland has this provocative yet regal look..she definately would look lovely wearing the crown. I am very impressed by Ms. Haiti yet she does not shine. Ms Jamaica seems to have an awesome personality and she’s quite pretty. Ms. Trinidad and Tobago is quite intelligent and poised. Though Ms. Russia is pretty young, she’s definately got what it takes. Oh..and Ms. Mexico–she should reach far.
    So there you have it..in no particular order I think these countries should make the top 15.

  5. just watch the body of miss philippines and you’ll be up to a surprise 35 22 35 this is her natural without lipo very sexy

  6. I Think thAT Miss Dominican Republic is the next miss universe….this is our year…….

    Eva Arias this year nobody is going steal our crown ok be positive….

  7. that s right …….Miss Dominican Republic is the most professional one in the conpetition….

    also miss Haiti….

  8. miss Venezuela always brings it ! even though is unlike to have Venezuela get the crown for third year in row
    she may just do that !!this year again she is amazing!!

  9. i will give 1001 % for Miss Philippines to be crowned Miss Universe this year. Perfect body at 35 22 35without artificial body enhancement. It is very rare to a Filipina ladies to have such perfect body because Filipina ladies are normally flat chested and flat butt but Venus is exceptional. She is not just sexy, hot and beautiful but she is a consistent honor student from her Primary School, a Valedictorian student when she was in Secondary School and even in the University. Half Filipino half Indian would really make her the perfect Miss Universe for this year.

  10. miss DOMINICAN REPUBLIC or MISS HAITI is going to win nd ooh the DOMINICAN one is the tallest so gud luck nd D.R all day!

  11. miss DOMINICAN REPUBLIC or MISS HAITI is going to win nd ooh the DOMINICAN one is the tallest so gud luck nd D.R all day! nd if Venezuela wins is cheating cuz last year the dominican one was supossed to win so the same shit better not happen this yr

  12. The Caribbean girls are very pretty and have a good chance of making the top 15, T&T could definately make it to top 10. Philippines=overrated. Didn’t really pay much mind to Ms Colombia but she’s smokin! So is Ms. Mexico. These two could make it to the top 5. I keep liking Ms. Russia more for the crown and Ms. France less and less.

  13. Carlos:

    I’m so sorry! I made a rash observation of the photos to let me make the rash decision that all the photos had White-looking faces. It seems to me, however, that more photos have been added to the previous one.

  14. this year the crown is not going to pass from venezuela to venezuela…..

    Go Dominican Republic….Go.. the BEst…ever

  15. Timothy:

    i wish also is good are favourite for Miss Trinidad and Tobago name is Latoya Woods, i will watch on tv Miss Universe hope is tomorrow.

  16. Although Miss Venezuela has shown not to be very kind with the press of her own country, I still think she’s a very pretty girl, and tonight in Las Vegas it could happens that for third consecutive year, a Venezuelan girl will crown another one in the MISS UNIVERSE pageant… and Marelisa will joint to the group of the most beautiful misses universe ever exist…all from Venezuela…Maritza Sayalero (1979); Irene Saez Conde (1981); Barbara Palacios (1986); Alicia Machado (1996); Dayana Mendoza (2008); Stefania Fernández (2009)…Alexis/Mérida/Venezuela.

  17. France and Ireland are grogeous…. Domincan Republic and Egypt? they look like common street girls, Domonican republica looks like a girl from where I work, and please Venezuela will get crushed, this maracucho only likes her for being venezuelan just fess up and see that there are really pretty girls out there some of this girls are pretty ugly tho

  18. I really hope Miss India makes it, i love the fact that she’s edgy and unique and i think she would make a wonderful miss universe. GO INDIA all the way.

  19. I really loved in watching her with miss world crown. she have a prettly charming face good looks and heart full of confidence. May god bless her. good luck to alexandria mills.


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