Mexican Soldiers Kill Several Suspected Drug Cartel Members


UK Today News: Mexican Soldiers Kill Several Suspected Drug Cartel Members

Security forces in Mexico have reportedly killed 25 people after they were suspected of belonging to a drug group. The Defense Department of Mexico informed that the security men who were on an investigation flight and noticed a huge group of gunmen who indicated danger.

Mexican Soldiers

The gunmen open fire on the troops, which led to the officials returning fire on them that instantly killed the suspects on the spot.

The incident took place in the rural north eastern region of Mexico in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas. The security officials reported that the gun battle injured two security men and three people were rescued by the troops, who were believed to be taken as their hostage.

The gang violence in Mexico is climbing the ladder of cruelty with the drug gangs doing anything they can to increase the fear among the public. Recently, the most shocking thing happened, when the beheaded bodies were found hanging on the bridge and their heads near around, with a warning of ‘don’t mess with us’.

The drug gangs have started adopting all those means for war which were not seen before, like bombings barricades in front of police stations, etc.