Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa Rescued By Army After Uprising By Police


UK Today News: Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa Rescued By Army After Uprising By Police

Ecuador Crisis 2010- The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, has been finally rescued from the hospital siege, in an uprising that was in place by disaffected police of the country. The President was rescued by the army, after he was inside the hospital for treatment, and is known to have been previously attacked by police with tear gas.

Rafael Correa

Reports state that the Police started an uprising in the country after the hearing of a new law, which apparently cuts the benefits provided to the Police during their service to the nation.

Mr. Correa was secretly taken out from the hospital on a wheel chair under the cover of thick darkness. During the rescue of the President, there was a fierce gun battle in process, between the Ecuador troops and the angry Police.

As he managed to say few words to the media after he was rescued, he stated that he was very thankful to the soldiers who accompanied and helped him through this hard and tough journey. He also added that despite the danger of being killed, many ministers and politicians still stood forward, and with such bravery to show the citizens of the country that no one can stop them. For the moment now the President is in safer havens, and is completely safe from any sort of anti social attacks.

The crisis in Ecuador has been condemned by leaders from across the world and has killed atleast 2 people.


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