Drilling Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners – Few More Days To Go

UK Today News: Drilling Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners – Few More Days To Go

After almost 2 months, there is some good news for the 33 Chilean miners that are trapped in the San Jose mine. Reports state that the drill has reached the 33 trapped miners today. The men have been trapped since August 5, when the mine collapsed, blocking all the outlets.

According to the Chilean authorities, the actual rescue process will begin within the next three to four days. Laurence Golborne, Chilean Mining Minister, “We have not yet rescued anyone and there is much ground to cover. The families are aware of the process still expected.”

Golborne had also said yesterday that there is a possibility that it is not necessary that the complete procedure will just take three to four days, it might even reach up to ten days.

There are some major decisions on which the engineers will have to decide upon, like whether to encase the shaft with steel tubing that will avoid more rock collapses during the procedure that will take place from now on.

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