Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize 2010 Win Not Taken Very Well By China


UK Today News: Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize 2010 Win Not Taken Very Well By China

The Nobel Peace Prize 2010 was awarded to jailed Chinese human rights campaigner Liu Xiaobo, and this award is one of the most prestigious awards of the world. However, China has not taken it too well.

(Photo: Telegraph)

Reports state that there was no news in the media about 54 year old Liu receiving the Nobel Peace Prize except some of the newspapers publishing it. The reason behind this is pretty clear since Liu is responsible for creating many obstacles in the government’s workings.

Some say that whatever may be the case on the political front, China surely came into limelight. Reports state, “Liu’s winning will put more of an international spotlight on the situation in China which has been lacking and that’s good.”

Liu has been a regular visitor of jail and on 25th December last year, he had been awarded a 11 years jail term.


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  2. What LiuXiaoBo did is analogous to the behaviour of a naughty/bad child in a family. A naughty/bad child complains and fights with his/her brothers/sisters, and parents. Why? because he/she knows he/she will only receive some punishment for his/her behaviour since his/her family members loves him/her – he/she knows it. LiuXiaoBo knows Chinese Society is about discipline, and punishment is given to a naughty/bad child. Therefore, he also knows that his naught/bad behaviour will only receive certain level of punishment. Does LiuXiaoBo really loves peace, and will do what it takes to achieve peace? Certainly not – he knows there are places on this earth that need it. Why doesn’t he go there then to promote peace in these regions? There are only two reasons for this. The first is that he simply doesn’t treasure peace. The second is that he doesn’t have the guts to get there to promote peace. As for the Nobel Peace Committee who have given the prize to LiuXiaoBo, it is simply a joke.