Cholera Outbreak In Haiti Kills Dozens – Thousands Infected By Deadly Disease

UK Today News: Cholera Outbreak In Haiti Kills Dozens – Thousands Infected By Deadly Disease

An outbreak of cholera in an area of northwestern Haiti, has reportedly killed around 150 people and led to overcrowding of thousands of infected people in local hospitals, according to reports by the World Health Organization on Friday. The cholera outbreak has led to fears that an epidemic could spread in the area where thousands of Haitians are residing; ever since the destructive earthquake struck Haiti in January this year.

According to reports, the first cases of the dreaded disease were found outside the Artibonite region in Arcahaie, which is situated in the same region as Port-au-Prince – the devastated area of the quake. The main concern right now is that the disease could spread in the earthquake refugee camps, where thousands of quake survivors currently reside, and possibly make the situation worse.

Hundreds of patients are still awaiting treatment at hospitals in extremely unhygienic conditions, and several aid organizations have rushed to the disease affected areas to provide relief.

Cholera, is a disease which is caused by food/water contamination and affects the small intestines. Once contracted, it can dehydrate and kill a person at a faster rate than other forms of diarrheas.

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