Rome Film Festival (RFF) Launch Delayed Due To Protests


UK Today News: Rome Film Festival (RFF) Launch Delayed Due To Protests

The much waited Rome Film Festival (RFF) that opened on Thursday, October 28, 2010 in Parco Della Musica will continue till November 5. But, new reports state that a protest by actors/demonstrators has prolonged the launching of this year’s RFF almost by two hours.

Photo: AP

The protest is against the decision of the Italian government for the cut in  funding towards the arts. The protestors included actors, directors and screenwriters, and hence artists used the side entrance and did not step on the red carpet which was meant for them.

The movie, ‘Last Night’ which stars Keira Knigtly and Eva Mendes launched this year’s Rome Film Festival. The movie is directed by Massy Tadjedin and was also one among these demonstrators.

Massy Tadjedin, at the event announced, “We are pleased to renounce the red carpet and support you.”

Other films to be featured at the Rome Film Festival include La Dolce Vita in its remastered version, which will be attended by the US Director, Martin Scorsese and debut film of Jim Loach, ‘Oranges and Sunshine’. Jim is the son of UK Director, Ken.


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