Rescue Crews In Indonesia Find 135 Missing People After Quake

UK Today News: Rescue Crews In Indonesia Find 135 Missing People After Quake

The Indonesian Disaster Management Agency has reported that there are 133 people still missing and 413 dead in the devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake, and resultant tsunami that hit the nation earlier this week. Reports also state that 135 missing people have been found.

Photo Credit: AP

The authorities reported that there are 270 other people who have been seriously injured and almost 22,000 have been seriously affected by the tsunami.

Indonesia was struck with an earthquake on Monday, that resulted in a tsunami in the region. The US Geological Survey informed that its epicenter was some 150 miles south of Padang. The most crucially affected are a was the Mentawai Islands. Sources have reported that six out of the 27 villages on these islands have been literally flattened and people of this region need to be relocated on a priority basis.

Medicines and other supplies that are being sent by the government for the quake affected people are not sufficient right now and there is an urgent need for more supplies as they may get over at any moment.

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