Josh Duhamel escorted off a flight in New York for not switching BlackBerry off


American actor and former fashion model Josh Duhamel was reportedly escorted off a flight on Friday, after he refused to switch off his BlackBerry phone. Duhamel was on a flight to Kentucky from New York.

According to reports, the actor refused to switch off his phone after the flight attendant had requested him to switch the phone off during takeoff. One of the passengers alleged that Duhamel was very rude and was also arguing with the flight attendant.

Sources also added that the attendant had requested the “Transformers” star to switch off the phone at least three times and when the actor laughed at his third request, the attendant immediately called for back up.

The flight, which was already on the runway, was then taken back to the gate due to Josh’s behavior, and this delayed the flight further. Josh, who is married to Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie was then taken off the plane by two US airways representatives.