Nano Artificial NOSE to detect cancer with breath test


UK Today News: A new device called the electronic nose has been developed recently and this reportedly has the ability to smell cancer through the patient’s breath. The unique Nano Artificial NOSE device can sniff and distinguish between healthy people and people suffering from cancer, making it a breakthrough advance in medicine.

There are some type of cancers which are detected late like the cancer in the head and the neck. According to the scientists, the device can be helpful in detecting cancer early, so that necessary treatment can be given at the right time.

Researchers from Israel had collected breath samples of 82 people, who were either normal or suffering from head or neck cancer or lung cancer. The device, which is also called the Nano Artificial NOSE, had surprisingly differentiated the normal patients and the cancer patients.

Professor Hossam Haick, the lead of the research has said that there is an urgent need to find out new ways to detect cancers related to head and neck. Detection of head and neck cancer is often complicated and requires special examination. The research has shown that a simple breath test can indicate cancer related to head and neck. The developers of the device are now trying to make it a potential device for screening cancer, so that the treatment can be started at an early stage, which may even save the life of the patient.