British scientists develop drug to deal with stress


UK Today News: One of the major problems that the younger generation is facing today is stress. Now British scientists have come up with a new drug to deal with stress, a problem which is mostly faced by people of all ages due to the fast paced lifestyle and demands of the generation.

Neuropsin protein is one of the several types of proteins in the brain. Neuropsin is also known as the anxiety protein. This protein is regulated by the amygdala – which is a region deep inside the brain, which is responsible for the emotional moods of the individual.

When the amygdale is triggered, it also triggers stress and emotional pangs in humans. Scientists have developed a drug that targets the neuropsin through the amygdale, which could prove a useful treatment for the patients dealing with post traumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Robert Pawlak, a lead scientist from the University of Leicester has said that problems related to stress are becoming common and are slowly affecting a large number of population, due to social impact and personal problems. Earlier the scientists had said that stress problems affect only a few people, but later it was found that majority of people actually deal with such problems. Out of them, only a few people develop psychiatric disorders, which include stress, depression and post traumatic disorder.