Perseid Meteor shower not dominated by full moon


UK Today News: Friday night had given a spectacular view of the Perseid meteor shower for avid sky watchers. Despite a full moon that was likely to dominate the spectacular event, the yearly shooting stars shower had peaked on 12th August.

The Perseid is considered as the most spectacular and the most dazzling meteor shower of the year. But this year the meteor shower was dominated by the full moon which had faded the peak time of the Perseid.

This was the time when sky watchers feared that the full moon might hamper the view of the meteor. But the sky watchers had claimed that the full moon could not dominate the meteor and had a good view of the Perseid.

Some of the sky watchers and cameramen in England had said that they were waiting patiently at the back yard of their house for the clouds to shed so that they could get some glance of the meteor shower. The Perseid meteor has been observed by the sky watchers since 2000 years. The showers are actually pieces from the comet Swift Tuttle that orbits the sun once in every 133 years. The shower has been named after its origin point in the night sky known as the Perseus.