Guitar legend Bert Weedon dies at 91


English guitarist and composer Bert Weedon, who is best known for creating the famous tutorial manual ‘Play In A Day’, passed away on April 20 at the age of 91. The guitarist who has been an inspiration for many of the popular musicians died in his room in Beaconsfield, southern England after suffering from a long illness.

The stars like Paul Cartney, Eric Clapton and Brian May have learned to play guitar from his books. Guitarist Brian May said, “He will be so sadly missed by all his friends because he is one of the most generous and giving people I have ever met in my life”.

Singer and guitarist, Joe Brown while talking about Weedon said that he was a lovely man and a great inspiration to many of the British guitar players, which included himself in the early days. Radio presenter Mike Read, while talking to BBC news said that he was the man who showed how to play a guitar and everybody bought his Play In A Day book.

Weedon at the age of 12 picked up his first guitar and later convinced his father to buy him a second hand one from the London market.