Cheryl Cole denies lip syncing lyrics on The Voice


British pop singer Cheryl Cole has denied that she lip syncs while she performs live. Earlier reports claimed that the singer mimed when she performed on the TV show ‘The Voice’ in UK last month.

The ‘Call My Name’ singer on the other hand laughs off the accusations and takes them as a compliment of how accurate her vocals are. Cole said, ”If you think my live vocal sounds so good it must be mimed, I’m happy. I take it as a compliment.”

Now the singer is all set to release her third album ‘A Million Lights’ and has promised to feature some ‘dub’ tracks. Cheryl said that she does like to cause a little bit of nuisance and she has got a lot of dub on the album which some people consider as noise, as some people do not like dub at all.

The singer is also quite open about the fact that she does not write most of the lyrics on her album, as she sees the final product the most important thing. Cheryl expressed that sometimes it takes a lifetime to master one’s craft and to be an amazing lyricist does not mean that one is a great performer.