BBC to drop 3D programming due to poor response


British public service broadcaster BBC said that it is dropping its plans of 3D programming after seeing a lack of interest from the public regarding the content. The head of BBC’s 3D department, Kim Shillinglaw said that the technology has not taken off with viewers, as they find it a hassle to use at their homes.


The broadcaster has been running 3D content on a trial basis for the last two years and has also planned to show the upcoming Wimbledon final between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in 3D. Meanwhile, Shillinglaw will be returning to her main job as the corporation’s head of science and natural history at the end of 2013, when the 3D trials ends.

Later, Shillinglaw also went on to say that the corporation will be taking a long pause to consider whether 3D coverage will be brought back or not. While talking to the Radio Tunes, Shillinglaw said, “I have never seen a very big appetite for 3D television in the UK.”

She added that when people watch TV, they concentrate in a different way and it is only when people go to the cinema that they are used to doing one thing. This is also one of the reasons why 3D TV did not get a good response.