Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to remove child abuse search terms?


Internet search engine giants Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have been asked by the government of UK to block internet searches which most likely lead to images of child abuse. The companies have been given time until October 2013 to adjust to banning lists of keywords which are considered as abusive, or the government will consider legislation to force them.


David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK said that some people are using ‘simply appalling’ keywords in search engines so that they can find illegal images of child abuse and they are getting good results. In an interview, Cameron went on to say that the government needs to have a very strong conversation with internet search engine providers and tell them that they should not provide results for terms which are disgusting and depraved.

The interview was given in advance of the speech Prime Minister gave on Monday, July 22, 2013, on removing child abuse content from the internet and preventing children from accessing pornography. Cameron said, “Put simply, there needs to be a list of terms—a black list—which offer up no direct search returns”.

The Prime Minister added that he has a clear message for Yahoo, Google and others, as they have a duty to act on this issue and it is a moral duty.

Photo Credits: Rising BD