Microsoft announces pop up warning against child abuse content


US based software giant Microsoft has introduced a new ‘Pop-Up Warning’ on its Bing Search engine which will tell the users in UK that they are searching for illegal child abuse images. Just a day before the government of UK had appealed to the search engines to take measures against the child abuse content online.


Microsoft responded to the call of the government who told to blacklist the key search terms to prevent search results from appearing. Internet giant Yahoo said that it intends to introduce a similar measure in the upcoming weeks but the search engine giant Google said that it does not intend to use pop ups.

Google said that it will continue to report material but will decide if it has to take further measures. Meanwhile Microsoft has announced that anyone who uses its search engine will have to look for material which shows sexual abuse of children. This will trigger the Bing Notification Platform message warning which tells them the content that they are looking for is against the law.

The notification will divert the link to a counselling service. Earlier this week UK prime minister David Cameron had warned to impose strict laws on the internet giants of they fail to come up with some remedies.

Photo Credits: Cnet