Ebay users complain about downtime after scheduled maintenance


Users of the popular online shopping site Ebay were complaining about issues that they were experiencing while using the auction website. The problems were being reported after a scheduled maintenance which was carried out earlier in the day on August 23, 2013.


These issues, which were reported by users, include log-in failures or problems using the service after they have accessed their accounts. While talking about the problem, a spokesperson for the website said that these issues have been occurring since 08:00 BST, but added that they were intermittent.

The website users were also warned in advance that the maintenance was most likely going to cause disruption. Ebay released a statement that said that the work on maintaining the site had taken longer than expected. The statement added, “We are sorry that intermittent problems with eBay have continued for longer than planned. We are working hard to resolve the issue, and will provide a further update soon”.

Several hundreds of businesses and individuals have been complaining on the social network Twitter about the downtime. Anne Mitchell, the author, said that she kept getting messages that her ID is incorrect and was not allowed to log in. Many others complained that the logins are failing and the pages are not working.

Photo Credits: Tweak Town