Nintendo UK to begin Mario Cart 8 marketing campaign


Game manufacturer Nintendo UK has indicated that it is all set to begin a full-fledged marketing campaign behind the Mario Kart 8. The campaign has already begun as the social media strategy has hoped to make the players nostalgic as they go through the classic moments when they play the old entries in the Mario Kart series.

mario cart 8

Pre-launch activity will begin after May 30, 2014 and will continue throughout the summer. The game company described this as the peak game season which continues till Christmas holiday season. The brand manager of Nintendo Mario UK, Roger Langford said, “To herald the launch of the most hotly anticipated Wii U title to date we will have marketing activity pre-launch as well as post-launch moving through the summer and into peak season”.

Langford added that for the first time in HD , Mario Kart 8 has introduced original course designs which highlight the new anti-gravity feature of the game. The new feature allows the gamers to race upside down or up at vertical surfaces. This also helps to add a new dimension to the game.

Moreover, the company has also released a new footage of the Mario Cart 8 which looks impressive enough. This has indicated that the new Mario Cart 8 is going to be a fun for the gamers.

Photo Credits: Wiiudaily