Driverless cars a major security concern, warns report


Could be used in terrorist attacks, driverless cars a major security concern, warns a report from the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Innovation is constantly changing the way we live our lives today, but it also does make things difficult. 10 years back, no one would have thought of driverless cars existing, but the first trials for such cars will begin in the United Kingdom from January 2015. In the midst of this, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has issued a new report that warns of the security concerns of these vehicles.

Driverless cars

The report states that driverless cars are more liable to be stolen or used by terrorists in attacks against humanity. Since the cars will be operated through the internet, they will be open to exploitation by cyber criminals. 98% of the software applications that are available today have security defects. It would therefore be possible that these defects could occur in the software that controls the car.

While trials will begin in January next year, the report says that these cars could hit the roads in UK within the next 15 years. Driverless cars are opined to be safer than human driver cars because of their ability to avoid crashes by detecting obstacles from a distance. Along with safety of the people, driverless cars will also decongest road by taking roads that aren’t very busy.

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