Nissan to roll out self driving cars by 2020


Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn from Nissan Motor Co. said that it will have autonomous driving cars technology by 2020. Ghosn added that it is not sure if people would be able to drive them on the roads as it will all depend on the government regulators.

Nissan autonomous car

There are many automakers in the industry which are working on the technology which will allow cars to navigate without any human intervention. Ghosn informed that Nissan is making a good progress towards making the technology available by 2020.

The auto chief said that the biggest hurdle to make the technology available to the consumers was its approval from the regulators across the globe. Ghosn also shared that autonomous driving cars was one of the cars of the future as the market studies with the consumers especially the young drivers who will determine the future cars. Along with autonomous driving, the consumers also wish to have a car with connectivity and zero or very low emissions.

Connectivity includes accessing internet and seeing movies and duplicating in the vehicle or other experiences a person has at home or in the office. Zero emissions meant, Nissan aims at the electric cars, instead of the zero emissions technologies.

Photo Credits: greenerideal