Christmas shoppers in UK face massive queues at shopping centres


Christmas is two days away but shoppers across the UK are facing packed shopping floors and two-hour queues as the markets prepare for the biggest day of the year. Shoppers at the Marks and Spencer stores have shown shoppers waiting in long queues.

christmas shoppingUK

Many of the festive goers plan to do their festive food shopping two days before Christmas. The purchases at the supermarkets and department stores are expected to be three and a half times higher than the regular days with shoppers expected to make more than 37 million transactions. The sales figures are expected to be higher by 10% which means that the Christmas hosts and present buyers are proving to be more generous this year.
Lengthy queues were seen inside as well as outside the stores with some of them reported that they waited for more than two hours to collect pre-ordered goods. The Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent reported that heavy traffic had blocked the car park exits due to which the shoppers were left stranded for six hours.
The police were called for assistance when a broken down vehicle and high visitor numbers caused the traffic jam. Moreover the online retailers are expected to drop its prices as the deadlines fast approaches for online purchases to be delivered.
Photo Credits: telegraph