Football corruption: Eight Premiere League managers caught taking bribe


Just a few days after English football manager Sam Allardyce was kicked out of his job as the national team boss, eight of the Premiere league managers have also been accused of receiving payments for player transfers. The new scandal has been exposed in English football.


Allardyce had to give up his job after just one game and 67 days in charge and it has been reported that more people might have to face questions. Cardiff City FC reportedly investigated payments in a loan transfer of a player from West Ham at the time when Allardyce was the manager at East London Club. The undercover reporters managed to film football agents and claimed that eight current and recent top-flight managers and two from the Championship clubs have taken bribe.
Italian unlicensed agent, Pino Pagliara was banned from football for five years for match fixing in 2005 was recorded as he named the ‘bent’ team bosses at a restaurant at Manchester. Pagliara said, “There’s one thing I’ve always been able to rely on, and that is the greed of general managers.”
The unlicensed agent also revealed that one of the managers uses the code word ‘coffee’ for taking money. Pagliara has also went on to claim that the ‘coffee’ manager has also fixed a match.
Photo Credits: globalresearch