Pilots and flight attendants of American Airlines not getting hotel accommodation

American airlines

The summer is here and the demand for travel has almost reached the pre-pandemic levels. Increase in travel demand also means increase in demand for hotel rooms, booked hotels and crowds at tourism hot spots. The situation has now started to affect the pilots and the flight attendants of American Airlines Group Inc. The pilots and the flight attendants are not able to find a hotel room to get some sleep during their layovers between flights. Complaints are being raised by the staff members against the carrier and have claimed that they are not able to provide even the basics like the accommodation and transportation.

Such problems become worse during bad weather and other disruptions amidst the busy flight schedules. The new problems are fresh signs that the travel industry is facing. A sudden surge in demand for travel has left the hotels, transportation and other services overwhelmed at the tourist hot spots, making the situation worse for the pilots and flight attendants who need adequate rest in between their flights or it would affect their work efficiency.

It has also been complained that a number of times they have arrived at the airports only to find that they do not have a hotel for the night or they end up facing long waits while the arrangements are being made. The crew under such circumstances find it hard to find some rest. The airlines have now flooded in to the leisure destinations making the most of the high demand of travelers.

This is one of the reasons, the hotels are overwhelmed at the tourist hotspots. During the week that ended on July 17, it was found that the hotels were 71 percent full that marked the highest occupancy level that was reached since October 2019. American Airlines has already dealing with a labor shortage and the new issue could make things worse at a time when a recover of the economy is a must.

Photo Credits: Aero time