Ned Yost Needs to get Another Chance


UK Today News: Yost needs to get another chance

Ned Yost will get another opportunity to show his managing skills, and also has record which makes him deserve another chance. He would be taking over the Kansas City Royals as the manager.

Ned Yost

Trey Hillman was their last coach and was dismissed from his post on Thursday. Hillman’s management was largely based on the terms of the players performance, that in turn was the secret of his success. He was praised as one who could make miracles possible if he were in the team, but the didn’t turn out to be much of a performance blast from his team. As for such performance it was clear someone else had to be pulled in.

It was Yost who they saw as the worthy person, it was Yost and the Royals general manager who were at the Atlanta Franchisee, and the people had seen how they had bought success to the team. It seems that Yost is person who could make things happen for the Royals. His record shows that he had taken a club that was on the oblivion of baseball and pull it out from the depths.

Some criticism’s have come up like, he covers and gives just a bit of too much attention to players who struggle and doesn’t even criticize the players in front of the media or crowd, which is frustrating to the fans and the people in the media. And even thought he has seen success come up to him from scratch, he still feels to be very defensive at the point where he asked questions where he feels to uncomfortable.