Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010 – BP Reports Success In Capturing Oil By Inserting Oil Leak Tube


UK Today News: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010 – BP Reports Success In Capturing Oil By Inserting Oil Leak Tube

BP Oil Spill 2010: The attempts to control the Gulf of Mexico oil spill met with some success thanks to an experimental option of inserting an oil leak tube by BP.

BP Oil Spill 2010

According to reports, the engineers were successful in inserting a tube into the broken pipe and captured the oil and gas, which in turn resulted in a breath of success. The BP officials said that this process has not completely curbed the problem, but this opens a way on how to actually get the work of stopping the oil leak done.

The tube system is just one of many ways proposed by the BP engineers to stop the mayhem of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that is destroying marine wildlife. The oil and gas collected were sent up the drill ship, Discovery Enterprise, which has a process of getting rid of the gas by burning it out by a flare system. The amount of oil now which is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico is around 210000 gallons per day.

Reports say that the system of putting a five foot section pipe of the damaged section has a rubber seal around it, which will in turn help the water to stay away from the pipe and get the gas and oil to the surface. The whole process was undertaken by the help of robots.

The attempt of actually putting a mile long pipe on the broke section failed earlier, but after reconfiguring the technology the process of capping the oil worked. But this is one of BP’s short term plans to curb the disaster, some plans include putting trash into the hole of the well and plug it.

A long term process has reportedly been decided, BP will drill to relief well around the site, but this process is due to start only in August.


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    i have one idea in my mind .big funnel attached with lightweight hose pipe be droped gravitationly on the mouth of oil leak .as the most of leak is covered by funnel all the oil gas will come to top of sea from where the same can be disposed to safer areas .as the funnel attached with hose pipe of adequate dia. advances towards leak gravitationly hose will automatically fill with sea water and as soon as it reaches to oil leak all the spell material will get passage and will rush to surface it is estimated that 90%spill can brought to safer handling areas since the weight of funnel will be 100.0kg and weight of hose will be aprox 3500.okg there should not be big problem the fnnnel is simple in design can be made quickly hose is areadymade item