Jessi Slaughter – 11 Year Old Girl A Victim Of Cyber-Pranking


UK Today News: Jessi Slaughter – 11 Year Old Girl A Victim Of Cyber -Pranking

Jessi Slaughter, the nickname of an 11 year old girl, has reportedly been victimized by cyber -bullying and cyber -pranks in response to the foul-mouthed videos of herself she posted on video-sharing website YouTube.

Jessi Slaughter in one of her videos posted on YouTube

Her videos speak about how perfect she thinks she is. The response she has got are all in terms of online attacks like threats, taunts, pranks, among others. The intensity of these attacks has risen so much now that she is reportedly in protective police custody.

Her video is not very long, but is full of obscene and vulgar language as well as loads of hate comments In the video she boasts of having three boyfriends, curses all her haters and taunters with AIDS or by shooting them up with shocking language used by a girl of her age.

Her family, after all this drama has got death threats. The cyber pranking is not new, since the incidents of this has already been reported in the past.

However, the Jessi Slaugther case has led to debates among parents and child psychologists, over the usage of the internet by young children.

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