John McCain Victorious In Arizona Primary – Kendrick Meek Wins In Florida Primary Elections


UK Today News: John McCain Victorious In Arizona Primary –  Kendrick Meek Wins In Florida Primary Elections

In the ongoing elections in the US, the Republican Party will have John McCain run for for Senate, after he had a glorious victory on beating his long time opponent JD Hayworth in the Arizona primary. As McCain rightly said, the elections is not yet over, and we still need to look out who emerges a winner.


John McCain

Lisa Murkowski, the current Republican Senator is slightly in the lead over Joe Miller, who is supported by the ex –Governer of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

As the year had been really very tough one because of the downfall in the fiscal condition, the people are quite concerned about the increased level of unemployment and the government spending for this year.

Rubio, of the Tea Party movement had an at ease win for the Republican Senate primary.

On the other hand on Tuesday, Kendrick Meek became the winner of Florida’s Democratic Senate primary and is set to battle it out with Governor Charlie Crist as well as Republican Marco Rubio in the the much anticipated elections on the 2nd of November.