Saudi Arabia Warns France Of Possible Al-Qaeda Terror Attack


UK Today News: Saudi Arabia Warns France Of Possible Al-Qaeda Terror Attack

Saudi Arabia has warned France that the Al-Qaeda, based in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP,) is reportedly planing a terror attack in Europe and mainly in France, and that they need to pay heed to this threat.

The French Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux, stated that this warning has come through the Saudi intelligence officials saying that AQAP is without any doubt active in the region. Hortefeux claims that the threat is real and is directly aimed at all the European continents inclusive of France.

He said, “This is not about overestimating the threat or underestimating it. I am indicating, based on all these elements, that the threat is real.” The Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula includes Saudis and Yemenis who are trying to attack Europe since the past year. Their major attempt includes the bombing of a US aircraft in December, last year that fortunately failed.

The last major attack that France suffered was back in the year 1995. The Algerian Islamic Group had bombed a Paris metro station that killed eight people.