Tropical storm Tomas threatens disaster-stricken Haiti


UK Today News: Tropical storm Tomas threatens disaster-stricken Haiti

After the outbreak of cholera, tropical storm Tomas approaches Haiti and is likely to make the lives of tent home dwellers worse. There is already an alarm warning of the storm possibly turning into a hurricane.

Reports state that around 1.3 million people, who were affected by Haiti’s devastating earthquake earlier this year; can’t find proper buildings to save themselves from the rains and the impending disaster. These people are currently living in the Port-au-Prince tent cities.

The quake-stricken Haitians have sheltered themselves in these tents right from the time the 7.0 magnitude hit the country in January this year. Since then, they could not find proper accommodation for themselves because of the disrupted conditions.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Tomas is expected to hit sometime in the morning hours on Friday accompanied by almost five to ten inches of rainfall all over the island.