120 deaths reported in Mount Merapi volcanic eruption


UK Today News: 120 deaths reported in Mount Merapi volcanic eruption

A minimum of 120 innocent people are reportedly dead after a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. Recently,  seven deaths have been reported by a hospital official. The volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi, situated in Central Java, has been counted as the worst in the recent years.

The Indonesian Volcanology Technology Development and Assessment Agency has stated that the mountain has still not stopped its hot ash spills and is constantly roaring.

Mount Merapi first erupted on October 26, but the eruption that took place on Friday, November 5 is considered to be the most terrifying and devastating eruption of all.

Reports also state that Merapi unleashed ash clouds and gas, that reached villages that were considered as the safe zone areas.

These hot ash clouds were around 450-600 degrees Celsius. The loss to the mankind due to this eruption is immeasurable. The President has announced that people will receive compensation for living and also the animal lost to the eruptions.

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