Camilla could be crowned as the next Queen, says Prince Charles


UK Today News: Camilla could be crowned as the next Queen, says Prince Charles

Camilla might be crowned as the next Queen according to Britain’s Prince Charles. Charles, who never ever spoke publically about this issue, has for the first time spoken about the likelihood of his wife becoming the next Queen – after his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

But on the other hand, he also speaks about how he is not too keen to be crowned King. Prince Charles said in an interview with Brian Williams, “It’s much better not to . . . you think about it a bit but it’s much better not to. If it comes to it, regrettably it comes as a result of the death of your parent, which is not so nice to say the least.”

A public poll on who should be the next Queen was not too much in favor of Camilla and only 14 per cent of the people voted for Prince Charles’ wife. But there was a huge percentage of people who were not in favor of Camilla as the new Queen – 52 per cent. This was due to the public affection for the late Princess Diana.

It is very clear that even after so many years after her death, Lady Diana is still loved and respected. On the other hand, if Camilla is ever crowned as the Queen, then she will be the most unpopular Queen ever. The reason is clear, Camilla was blamed for the estranged relationship between Diana and Prince Charles.