Hollywood filmmaker Irvin Kershner dies at 87


Hollywood filmmaker Irvin Kershner passed away on Saturday, at his residence in Los Angeles. Irvin was 87 years old and was reportedly suffering from lung cancer.

AP Photo

Irvin was popular for making the Star Wars sequel “The Empire Strikes Back”. He was not only a director, but some times also worked as an actor.

Reports state that Kershner started his career as a photography teacher in the University of Southern California School of cinematic arts. At the same time, he also took cinema classes under the Dean of the University of Southern California.

Irvin was also the recipient of a life time achievement award from the academy of Science Fiction, Fantacy and Horror Films, in June 2010. Kershner, in his later years continued to write films. At the same time, he also taught screenwriting at the University of Southern California. Being a photographer, he had collected many fine-art photographs for various exhibitions in New York, San Francisco and Mexico.