Colchester man arrested after lorry hits bridge in Essex


The police in Suffolk arrested a 28 year-old lorry driver who was driving a Mercedes lorry and whammed into a bridge on the A120 westbound carriageway, in Essex on Friday. Reports state that some concrete fell on the road, as the truck damaged the bridge near Elmstead.

Police arrived at the spot after a motorist had reported the matter. The lorry was carrying an excavator when it hit the bridge, but still continued along the highway even after some concrete had fallen on the road.

After the incident, the A 120 highway was shut after setting diversions, and a structural engineer was called to inspect the damage caused to the bridge. However, the bridge was declared safe and after clearing the mess on the road the A120 was reopened.

The police arrested the man from Colchester, for negligent driving and attention. The driver was released on bail till 4th January 2011. Further investigations on the case are still on.