Queen Elizabeth II becomes great-grandmother as grandson Peter welcomes baby girl


UK Today News: Peter Phillips — the son of Princess Anne — and wife Autumn on Friday announced the birth of their daughter. Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly overwhelmed by the new addition to the Royal family, as it has also made her a great-grandmother for the first time at the age of 84.

Photo: REUTERS/Bobby Yip

According to reports, the baby weighs 8lb 8oz and is 12 in the line to the throne. Phillips and Autumn live in Hong Kong, but came back to London so that the baby is born on her native soil. Autumn gave birth at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Prince Phillips, son of Princess Anne, married Canada born Autumn in May 2008 at Windsor Castle. The Buckingham Palace officials said that the Queen and grand son Peter Phillips were delighted at the news.

The couple was initially accused of misusing their royal status by bargaining their wedding pictures for £500,000. The Queen’s eldest grandson Peter is known to be a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s sponsorship division, and currently does not have a royal title or perform any public duties of the Royals.