Malware and spam figures double in 2010, says Sophos report


UK Today News: The figures of malware affecting computers have almost doubled for the year 2010, as compared to those in 2009. According to the Sophos Security Threat report, in 2010, some 95,000 different malware were discovered, which has doubled from the figures in 2009.

Apart from malware, the figures of spam and phishing attacks have also increased. Most of the attacks come via the social networks.

The Sophos report said that in the year 2010 some 40% of the malware was received from the social networking sites, which was 36% in the year 2009. The phishing attacks also increased from 30% to 43% while 67% of spam was received from the social networks compared to just 57% in 2009.

Reports have also revealed that 16% of the spam is generated from the US and leads to relay the spam, while the figures continue to increase in other countries. France and United Kingdom relay 4% of the total spam of the world.