Nicki Minaj forced to cancel appearance in British club


UK Today News: Several British fans of singer Nicki Minaj were left disappointed, after she could not make a surprise visit at the Runway, a club in London. After appearing at the Oceana in Watford, the “Check it Out” singer had plans to make a surprise visit at the Runway, but was unable to do so after a fight broke out.

According to sources, the singer kept trying to get in many times, but left due to some violence that broke outside the club. Minaj tweeted, “Had a blast @ oceana! Security issues r now preventing us from entering runway…”

Fans who paid the entry fee to get a glimpse of the singer were left disappointed. This was not the first time the rapper faced problems due to her popularity. While Minaj was in Dorchester Hotel, the authorities of the hotel had threatened to throw her out as several fans of her had mobbed outside the hotel creating problems for the hotel staff and other guests. Minaj recently alleged that she was in a relationship with the Caribbean singer Rihanna which she had denied later.