British women are more obsessed with looks than health?


UK Today News: A study has revealed that British women are more obsessed about their looks and are least bothered about their health. According to a report, a woman in the UK on an average, spends some £336 per year on beauty and hair products.

On the other hand, only £228 is spent on gym membership and other vitamin supplements. The majority of the women spend on products, which make them look good, while only 41 percent care to look after themselves by spending on health products.

The report came after a study was conducted on women aged between 18 and 65. The women were questioned about their habits and their choice between health and looks.

A spokesman from Benenden Healthcare Society said, “It would be wrong to say that these results come as a surprise, as so many of us are guilty of taking shortcuts to ensure we look good – often at the expense of our health.” He also added that, the reports do not seem good as it has signaled that the British women these days are forgetting to look after their health and are focusing more on their looks.