Air pollution at its worst in the UK


UK Today News: The pollution levels in the UK rose above normal on Friday. The cities of Britain were filled with pollutants right from the first ray of the sun. A warning has been raised by the government to most of the cities in the central, east and southern parts England following the rise in pollution.

The temperature in England was even warmer than the usual, which hit 79f in Central London on Friday. The temperature had revealed that it was the highest temperature in the month of April in England.

According to the experts, conditions could be hazardous for asthma patients, children and elder people, as they may find it difficulty to breathe due to the dispersion of dust, soot, dirt and liquid nitrogen dioxide in the air.

Experts have also said that long exposure to such an atmosphere may lead to heart problems and even lung cancer. The smog warning in England came after two years; usually such warnings come during summer. Officials have advised to avoid much outdoor activities. Doctors have also said that such an atmosphere affects the children, who are more prone to lung ailments and are also prone to asthma. Experts have added that if such pollutants are inhaled, then they cause inflammation in the airways.