Google observes 41st anniversary of Earth Day


UK Today News: Search engine giant Google is always known for its unique way of observing different occasions. On the 41st occasion of Earth Day, the search giant came up with another unique Google Doodle on its home page.

On opening the home page of Google, the visitors were welcomed with a soothing view of nature. The Doodle had displayed a beautiful scene of forests and plants with wild animals in their natural habitat.

The Google Doodle was built in its logo and had the words strategically placed in the scene. The observation of the Earth Day started 41 year ago in the year 1970, which was started in the US.

The latest Google Doodle had two pandas in the scene, who sneeze when the user points the cursor on it. The other animals include an upstream swimming fish, which ultimately falls prey to the bear. The scene has a water fall and pandas climbing up and down the eucalyptus tree. The Doodle also has a penguin plunging over an iceberg.

This is not the first time Google observed Earth Day. Last year, the search engine had featured a tropical forest with six parrots. And a year before that, the Doodle had featured a beautiful illustration of a waterfall and a rainbow.