British Airways joins Microsoft to launch app for passengers


UK Today News: The United Kingdom airline British Airways, in collaboration with Microsoft, has introduced a new application for the Windows Phone 7 users. The application will provide information to the passengers – directly from the dynamic home screen of the app – throughout their journey.

The passengers will also be able to download their boarding pass and can check in through their mobile phones. British Airways has become the first airlines to offer such a service to Windows Phone 7 users.

Terminal maps have been added to the app to help the passenger to find their way through the airports around the world. The digital marketing innovation manager of British Airways, Richard Bowden, has said that the new application will allow the Windows Phone 7 users an experience with the BA like never before. Bowden has said that the app has been built keeping the customer in mind, in order to give them more convenience and freedom. With the new app, BA has assured constant innovation and improvement in future.

The Head of the apps strategy and marketing of Microsoft UK, Nick Hedderman has said that they are delighted to be partnering with the British Airways to launch such an innovative app for the convenience of the passengers.