2012 Isle Wight Festival faces chaos due to rain


The 2012 Isle of Wight festival had a wobbly start with a rough weather which led to flooding. The rain caused flooding as well as landslides, due to which the roads in to the Isle festival had to be closed.

Problems also surfaced at the Seaclose Park, that provided parking for the event. This led to ferries to the island after which they had to suspend their services. The passengers were stranded on the ferry until the cars had been moved on.

Due to al the chaos, the British Red Cross had to be called to the scene to assist the festival organizers with those who were adversely affected by the extreme conditions. The organizers have also advised that the music fans must be prepared for the worst with enough food and equipment and also wearing appropriate equipment.

Donna Taylor, the senior Red Cross officer said, ‘Red Cross teams of staff and volunteers have been out responding to the disruptions caused by the wet weather at the festival. Taylor added that the event first aid teams are on hand to assist people and are primarily based in the Strawberry Fields and Big Top area of the site.