Miss Universe 2012 – Miss Ireland Rebecca Maguire hopes to win the crown


After winning the Miss Ireland title, stunning beauty Rebecca Maguire, is now looking forward to win the annual Miss Universe competition. The world pageant will be held in Sanya, China in just over a week.

Rebecca claimed the Miss Ireland title, after some controversy as the original winner Maire Hughes was eliminated for being too old. But the Ireland beauty said that everything happens for a reason and this is her year to shine.

Rebecca has been the first runner up this year as well as last year. She said, “Last year it was disappointing to get so close and not win the title, and it was hard to come back to try again as there was always the risk that I wouldn’t do as well this time around.” The model added that it made her determined and figured if the panel made her second then they might have seen something good in her.

The enviable size eight figure was one of the reasons which made her claim the crown but the model admitted that she wasn’t always happy with her body. Rebecca revealed that she was always teased through her childhood for being tall and standing out in the crowd.