Rolling Stones hint on 50th anniversary tour


English rock band Rolling Stones had 50 years back made their live debut at the Marquee Jazz Club. Now it seems like the band will be celebrating it in a grand way. Keith Richards the guitarist of the Rolling Stones said that they have been rehearsing together to prepare for the 50th anniversary tour.

Richards in an interview said, “There’s things in the works – I think it’s definitely happening, But when? I can’t say yet.” The guitarist added, “We’re playing around with the idea (of a tour) and had a couple of rehearsals – we’ve got together and it feels so good.”

But the fans will have to wait for some time. Earlier this year it was reported that the band has pushed back their lives dates till 2013. So as to mark the occasion, many of the loyal fans of the band took their Twitter accounts and congratulated them on their 50th year achievement.

One of the fans tweeted, ”Whatever you think of the Rolling Stones & their awesome music, a band still together after 50 years, is pretty phenomenal.” Ronnie Wood earlier this year in an interview said that he and his band mates owe their fans to hit the road.