Who Won For The Love Of Ray J 2: It’s Ray J and Mz Berry (Connie Deveaux)


VH1 aired the much awaited season finale of the reality show called “For the Love of Ray J 2”.
The celeb-reality dating show was in its second season and follows R&B singer Ray J’s search for his one true love out of a number of ladies. On the show , Raj J goes on dates with each of the female contestants each week and last night, the show was down to only two – Mz Berry rand Platinum.

Choosing between two babes is a tough decision for any guy and it was no different for Ray J. He finally had to make a choice between either Mz. Berry (Connie Deveaux) or “Platinum” (Mary Cherry).


On the “For the Love of Ray J 2” show finale, Ray J told Platinum that he had some really great times with her, while he told Ray J that he had his eyes on her since Day 1 . The announcement of his decision was nerve wrecking for both ladies, but in the end Ray J chose Mz.Berry as the winner and his next true love.

Looks like Mz. Berry and Ray J are going to have one swell of a time now, since the For the Love of Ray J 2ended with the new couple -Ray J and Mz Berry – leaving on a private jet while raising a toast to their new romance. Party girl Platinum, on the other hand was crying while saying that Ray J and Mz Berry won’t work out much longer.

All the best to the new couple Ray J and Mz Berry!


  1. You picked the right woman for you! She won’t be so emotionally needy not that you have chosen her. She’ll be more secure and things will work
    great for you both.

  2. mz berry i am so happppy for you and ray j. i think he is ready for the next phase in his life and you are the perfect person for him. Much splendid love to you and ray j and success for the of you.

  3. Hey Ray,

    I am so proud of you! I have been a fan for years and I feel like you are truly growing into your own! Watching you this season and listening to you let me know that you want to change your life and have more peace.You made a great choice and I wish you both each and every happiness as you find you way together!

  4. i dont hate mz berry i just think ray j should have ended up with platinum only because she was honest the whole time, she wasnt needy and i just think that they would have been real but still happy for mz berry hope it workss!!!!

  5. yo bro mz berry was the right pick becuz the rest those chics was just in young party stage, ur dealing wit a woman so great pick.this 1 puts u forward in life these young chic’s will set u back and we as men need a strong woman not a girl.