Pregnant Lily Allen faints while shopping


British recording artist and actress Lily Allen recently fainted when she was out shopping for the festive season at the luxury departmental store Harrods. The singer was looking out for some presents when she felt dizzy and fainted.

It appears that the ‘Neighbours’ actress may need to take a break from her busy Christmas shopping schedule. The singer knew how to giver herself a  boost though, as she was seen eating a cheese and ham toastie soon afterwards.

Lily also posted about the incident on twitter and wrote, ‘Just fainted in Harrods. #croquemonsieur needed.’ After the incident, the singer managed to get back on her feet and continued her shopping. Allen also let her fans know what some of her relatives will be opening on the day of Christmas. The ‘Elizabeth’ actress continued writing, ‘On the bright side, managed to pick up Professor Snape Wand in Ollivanders box and Slitherin pen for Nephews Xmas present. #luckyboy (sic)’

During pregnancy, feeling dizzy and fainting is a common symptom. This happens due to the hormonal changes in a woman’s body. The ‘Smile’ singer is pregnant with her second child with husband Sam Cooper. Lily announced about her pregnancy in the month of July and reports say that ‘The Fear’ singer might be due to give birth next month.