Cameron vouches for same-sex marriages in religious institutions


Amid criticism, opposition and backlash, Prime Minister David Cameron stood firm in support of same sex marriages in religious institutions. However, he also added that none of the churches, synagogues or mosques will be forced to hold it. This progressive decision was fiercely opposed by traditional conservatives, the Church of England and Catholic hierarchy.  Opponents are of the opinion that more than 120 Tory back-benchers will reject the draft in the free vote in the Commons. It is presumed that most of the members of the cabinet will either oppose of abstain from the vote.

Despite the opposition, most Labour and Liberal MPs are predicted to be supporting the proposal. Where conservative MP for Enfield Southgate, David Burrowes denounced the idea stating that this attempt to redefine the institution of marriage has “opened a can of worms”, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg voiced his support for it, as according to him the opportunity for social marriage and celebration should be open to everyone regardless of their sexual preferences.

Under the proposal each religious institution will have the choice of deciding whether they want to hold gay marriages or not and it would not be forced upon them.  Though UK’s main churches have declined to hold same sex marriage ceremonies, groups like Quakers, Unitarians and liberal Judaism supported marriage rights for gay couples and claimed to conduct the ceremonies.