Consumption of soft drinks on a daily basis may hike diabetic risk by 22%


Just a mere consumption of a 12-ounce serving of sugar sweetened soft drink may raise the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes by 22%, according to Diabetologia.

Soft Drinks and Diabetes

A few researchers from the Imperial College of London said that sugar intake has an impact, both on weight gain and diabetes. In Europe, the consumption of sugar sweetened soft drinks is on the rise. These drinks result in rapid spikes in blood sugar levels and insulin secretion, which leads to insulin resistance, one of the prime mechanisms behind diabetes.

Researchers have collected the following data from Eight European patient groups participating in EPIC and who consumed various juices, beverages and soft drinks. The study included 12,403 Type 2 diabetic patients.

The consumption of nectars and pure fruit juices were not associated with diabetes though. Type 1 diabetes affects the ability to produce insulin, whereas Type 2 diabetes appears at a later stage in life. Some British companies have already started taking appropriate measures in order to curb this. Coca Cola, Nestle SA and Tesco Plc have already signed up with the British government to reduce the amount of calories in their products.